In no particular order, this is a list of my favorite Firefox extensions. They make my browsing experience awesome and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. :)

  1. Live HTTP Headers. I’ve had this extension for years and it has proved invaluable time and time again. I use it for debugging and security testing. Very simple, very easy to use, very powerful.
  2. Firebug. This one is important for anyone doing web design/development. It’s just an absolutely awesome tool. I can’t imagine ever having developed HTML/CSS without it. It even comes with its own extension system, which I haven’t taken advantage of but which looks incredible.
  3. Web Developer Toolbar
  4. User Agent Switcher. Both #3 and #4 are made by the same developer. These were two of the first extensions I ever installed. I keep using them because of how useful they are for debugging and testing.
  5. View Source With. Allows me to view HTML in my favorite Windows text editor, Notepad2
  6. BugMeNot. While it has grown less useful over the years (sites are getting better and better at banning their accounts), it’s always a good time-saver to have. It can’t hurt! :-)

There are definitely a couple developers who I need to donate to. BRB! :-P